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Take a nature cruise to view Manatee in their natural habitat. Naples / Marco Island and the Everglades is where manatee live. Manatee No Wake ZoneThese large, docile, affectionate animals enjoy the warm waters of the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. Manatee often swims near the surface of the water and can be seen in shallow bays and rivers. They have flattened toenails, a prehensile upper lip, and large digestive tract. They are vegetarians whose main source of food are grass beds. Manatee Calf with BabyThese mammals, also known as sea cows or the elephants of the sea. A manatee typically will surface every twenty minutes for air. Bring along your camera and enjoy the scenery as you cruise the Gulf of Mexico waters in search of Manatee – which have no natural predators other than man. They are an endangered species due to man’s involvement. Find amazing Manatee and Nature Tour operators the offer family-friendly boat tours specifically designed to view Manatee in the wild. Ask us about Marco Island – Naples FL nature boat tours or share reviews.

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Guided boat tours leaving Port of the Islands Marina, Naples, Florida Touring the Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands area. Rent a pontoon for a full day of fun. Whitehorse Key is a great place to beach your boat and find amazing shells. Walk the island, explore the 10,000 islands, and enjoy a great view of the Gulf of Mexico. Look for manatee, dolphin, alligators and everything the Everglades has to offer. See the 10,000 islands up close.
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