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Shop Florida Oranges! Florida oranges and orange products are world-famous. Visit a Florida Citrus Grove or Fruit Stand. We love the South Naples Citrus Grove and always seek out the Florida-grown citrus like Honey Bell Oranges, Orange Jams, and local Florida honey.

Mister Crab Cakes Marco Island Florida
Mister Crab Cakes, 960 Chalmer Dr., Marco Island, 34145 | 239-595-2295

We use only the best ingredients, for the best flavor and the best crab meat money can buy! Mister Crab Cakes offers an old traditional recipe of a true Maryland Crab Cake. Our crab meat is delivered weekly from Maryland. Then we hand make each crab cake to make sure you receive the quality and taste you deserve. Made locally on Marco Island. Order Online. We ship orders nationwide.
Mister Crab Cakes ~ Marco Island, FL

You will love Florida oranges, honey, fruits, and grapefruits.   Some of our favorite Florida products include Orange Blossom Honey, Peace River Grapefruit, and of course Florida Oranges. Share your favorite Made in Florida products or gift ideas. To feature made-in FL products, contact us.

FL Products: Made in Florida Favorites

Explore, order and sample some of our favorite Made in Florida products. Thank you for visiting Marco Island Living.com.


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Juicy Indian River...image Juicy Indian River Florida Navel Oranges Grove Fresh 2 Trays, 20lbs $81.22 ($4.06 / lb) Sale Item
Juicy Indian River...image Juicy Indian River Florida Navel Oranges Grove Fresh 15lbs, 1.5 Trays $73.95 ($4.93 / lb) Sale Item
Juicy Indian River...image Juicy Indian River Florida Navel Oranges Grove Fresh, 10 lbs! $59.94 ($59.94 / Pound) Sale Item
Fresh Florida Juice...image Fresh Florida Juice Oranges, 16 pieces $46.00 ($0.36 / Ounce) Sale Item

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Mister Crab Cakes Marco Island Florida Product

Mister Crab Cakes stand is busy at Marco Island Farmers Market

The Crab Cakes are well-known on Marco Island and are one of many special local products on sale at the Marco Island Farmer’s Market. In addition to Crab Cakes, the Sunshine State produces some of the best citrus products in the US. Visit our local Marco Island stores and look for Florida-made products.

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Florida Orange Products

  • ZERO SUGAR Pretty sweet, right? Sparkling Ice Coconut Pineapple brings on all the taste you’ve been missing, while making the sugar go missing, too
  • FLAVOR YOU CAN TASTE This isn’t one of those hint-of-flavor sparkling waters. This is major flavor that will fruit up your taste buds
  • VITAMINS & ANTIOXIDANTS Even when your favorite flavor changes, you’ll still be drinking a Sparkling Ice with vitamins B6, B12, and E. Turns out having zero sugar means you’ve got room for better things
  • LOW CALORIE You can count how many calories there are on just one hand. Hint... it’s 5
  • 12 BOTTLES So you can say your favorite flavor 12 times over with each multi-pack. The sparkle don’t stop, with 17 fl. oz. in each bottle
  • FLAVOR FOREVER The end of your flavor journey is inevitable. But the quenching memories last forever because your favorite flavor comes in a recyclable bottle
  • CRAYOLA MARKERS: Experience the joy of creativity with this classic set of Crayola Markers, an ideal choice for group activities in school classrooms or at home.
  • BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Essential for students and teachers alike, these markers boast a durable tip that ensures bold, broad lines for a long-lasting writing experience.
  • CRAYOLA MARKER COLORS: Explore an array of Crayola Marker Colors, including Orange, Yellow, Brown, Violet (Purple), Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Gray, and Green.
  • BULK MARKERS: This comprehensive marker set features 12 individually boxed sets, each containing 10 Crayola Markers, perfect for large groups or classrooms.
  • LONG-LASTING: Crafted for longevity, these school supply essentials are filled with durable and long-lasting ink to ensure many hours of creative fun.
  • SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Crayola Markers are safe and nontoxic, great for ages 3 and up.
  • OLLY PROBIOTIC + PREBIOTIC: These chewable adult probiotics deliver a powerful combination of live Probiotics and Prebiotic Fiber to help keep your natural flora and digestion balance
  • Product Note: Exposure to heat or sunlight may lead to melting/damage of product. Hence customers are expected to be available during the product delivery
  • THE GOODS INSIDE: 500 million CFU of Bacillus Coagulans work with your body’s natural bacteria to support a healthy digestive tract and immune system. Prebiotics nourishes your good bacteria so it can thrive and work more efficiently in your body
  • HOW TO TAKE: Chew one gummy daily, no food or water needed
  • NATURALLY DELICIOUS: These probiotic prebiotic gummies come in naturally flavored Peachy Peach with no artificial colors or flavors and are gluten free. 30 gummies per bottle (30 day supply)
  • MIX AND MATCH: Delightful and delicious OLLY gummies can be taken together—mix and match as you please
  • Revitalizing Scent: White peach and jasmine scented body wash fills your shower with a refreshing and revitalizing scent
  • Gently Cleanses: Enriched with a unique blend of plant-derived oils, essential skin lipids and vitamins that work together to gently cleanse your skin
  • Long Lasting Moisture: This hydrating body wash leaves skin feeling soft and smooth all day
  • Use for Shaving: The creamy lather of this dry skin body wash is also a great alternative to shaving soap or shaving cream
  • Includes one (1) 20 fluid ounce bottle of NIVEA White Peach and Jasmine Body Wash with Nourishing Serum
  • Tame your mane. Leave-in lightweight hair conditioner detangles knots and leaves hair more manageable and feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized
  • Our unique, natural and hypoallergenic formulas are designed for all hair types so kiddos and grown ups of all ages can say goodbye to tangles
  • Made without parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, silicones, sulfates, formaldehyde donors
  • Tear-Free; Hypoallergenic; Dermatologist-tested; Naturally Derived ingredients; Sensitive Skin-Approved
  • Made in the USA; Not tested on animals; No animal byproducts
  • Helps nourish and soften skin
  • Cleanses skin with a delicate foam
  • For use on normal to dry skin types
  • Gently cleanses, leaving a satiny softness all over the body^Apply on wet skin, lather up, and rinse to enjoy silky smooth texture
  • All skin types
  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C (15% THD Ascorbate): Features superior visible brightening, clarifying, and antioxidant properties; helps fight the first signs of aging caused by stress, lifestyle, sun, and pollution. Phytosterols Complex: Isolated from soybeans and containing at least 40 percent beta-sitosterol, it helps reduce the look of redness and skin sensitivity
  • Fiery. Intense. Provocative.
  • The pure essence of masculinity
  • Between love and madness lies obsession
  • Top: violet leaves, wild strawberries.
  • Middle: violet petals, jasmine bouquet.
  • Base: musk, vanilla infusion.
  • For Women
  • Lucky You for women is casual scent for day or night
  • This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh citrus and light flowers for a refreshing and flowery perfume
  • Top 3 fragrance notes include red ruby grapefruit, blue poppy, and musk
  • Manufactured in the USA

Made in Florida
Taste this Old Florida Gourmet Blue Crab Salsa – For Shellfish Lovers

  • Loaded with Real Maryland Blue Crab
  • All Natural Ingredients

We love this scrub made in the Florida Keys – An exfoliating sea salt body skin scrub with lime that is delightful

  • ULTIMATE EXFOLIATING SALT SCRUB - The Florida Glow salt body scrub is excellent for exfoliating dead skin cells, which helps improves the appearance of your skin and makes it smoother and softer. Our unique formulation helps hydrate the skin by drawing moisture to the surface, leaving it feeling moisturized and nourished. Gently buff away dead, dry skin on both your face and body to reveal newer-looking skin underneath.
  • NATURAL SEA SALT & MARINE ALGAE: Enriched with natural sea salt and marine algae oil, our unique formulation goes beyond exfoliation. The sea salt and marine algae contribute to improved hydration and overall skin condition. Users have reported anti-aging benefits, including a reduction in wrinkle depth, a more unified skin tone, and enhanced skin elasticity. Packed with essential nutrients, this salt scrub not only exfoliates but also moisturizes and nourishes your skin.
  • FOR SUPER SMOOTH, MOISTURIZED SKIN: Experience the luxury of super smooth, moisturized skin with our natural salt body scrub. Beyond exfoliation, the scrub works to enhance circulation, increasing blood flow to the skin. This dual-action approach helps minimize the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, dark spots, and acne scars. Say goodbye to aging concerns and embrace healthier, younger-looking skin.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: We take pride in producing high-quality products, and our salt scrub is no exception. Proudly made in the USA, our formulation is free from alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. Moreover, it is vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring that you can indulge in the benefits of our salt scrub with confidence in its quality and ethical standards.

Florida Honey & Honey Bell Oranges

  • Nate's 100% Pure Florida Honey is harvested with care by local beekeepers.
  • PURITY GUARANTEE: Every bottle of Nate's most-trusted honey has a purity guarantee to uphold strict testing standards that provide an unmatched level of care and precision that would make any honeybee proud.
  • RAW & UNFILTERED: Raw & unfiltered means it is gently warmed for pourability and unfiltered to keep the natural goodness, like pollen, intact.
  • DAILY DRIZZLE: Enjoy Nate's 100% Pure Florida Honey on anything needing a little natural sweetness – morning coffee or tea, oatmeal, yogurt – or as a better-for-you sweetener in baked goods.
  • LONG LIVE THE HONEYBEES: We give back to bee health by partnering with responsible beekeepers and funding leading university programs for bee health research.
  • 【Sweet & Spicy】 Savor the delightful balance of sweet and spicy flavors in our Peachy Green hot sauce, featuring fresh serrano and jalapeno peppers, vine-ripened peaches, and a touch of saffron.
  • 【Farm-Fresh Ingredients】 Made with a blend of farm-fresh peppers, peaches, bell peppers, vinegar, scallions, honey, lemon, lime, pineapple juices, brown sugar, vanilla, and exotic spices.
  • 【Peachy Green Ambrosia】 Enjoy the unique and delicious taste of our Peachy Green sauce, also known as Peachy Green Ambrosia, a versatile addition to any meal.
  • 【Perfect Pairing】 Enhance your favorite dishes with the delightful combination of flavors in our Peachy Green hot sauce, a must-have condiment for any food enthusiast.
  • 【Crafted with Care】 Like all of our Dirty Dicks hot sauces, the Peachy Green flavor is made using only the finest ingredients to ensure a quality taste experience.
  • Floral Intense Bright – Strong, unique honey notes with a hint of famous tupelo flavor.
  • 100% U.S. Honey – Local Hive Honey supports American beekeepers.
  • Raw & Unfiltered – Our honey is pure, unheated, unpasteurized, and free from additivies, dyes, or flavorings — just the way the bees made it.
  • All-Natural Sweetener - Swap out sugar in your coffee, tea, and recipes for honey to add flavor, as well as enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Supports Pollinators – A portion of proceeds from Local Hive support PACE (Pollinator Awareness Through Conservation and Education) program through the Butterfly Pavilion.
  • Local Honey from Healthy Bees
  • 100% Pure Florida Honey - Raw and Unfiltered
  • Expertly harvested and bottled to protect beneficial pollen and enzymes
  • Always unpasteurized

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