Folk Festival Video

Florida Folk Festival Vintage Videos

Marco Island Living – Florida Vintage Film Footage

This film contains several brief performances from the 1958 Florida Folk Festival held at the Stephen Foster Memorial in White Springs, Florida. A young man comments on being a member of a musical group. Archie Lee sings and performs ‘John Henry’ on the dulcimer. An elderly woman spins cotton thread on a spinning wheel. Several guitarist-singers perform. The audience joins in with a choir for a robust version of ‘Give Me That Olde Time Religion.’ Herta and David Marshall put “The Lord’s Prayer” to music. Old Town resident Tom Chaires describes life on the Suwannee River and the Amigo Male Singers and Stanton High School choir perform songs. Produced by the Robert Leahy Studio. Ask us about Marco Island – Naples FL visits or share reviews. To feature your business, contact us.

FL Folk Festival Vintage Videos


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